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The Center for Gastrointestinal Medicine of Fairfield and Westchester, P.C. began over thirty years ago as Greenwich Gastroenterology.  At that time, the field of Gastroenterology, the subspecialty of Internal Medicine that deals with diseases of the digestive tract, nutrition, and liver disease was in its infancy. 

Over the ensuing years, our group has undergone changes as some of our physicians have retired and new associates have joined us.  We have also changed our name to reflect the fact that our patients come not only from Fairfield County, but from Westchester and even more distant areas in the metropolitan region. The Center for Gastrointestinal Medicine of Fairfield & Westchester has been at the forefront of patient care since its inception.

Our current doctors are Dr. Jennifer L. Barro, Dr. Nelson A. Bonheim, Dr. Neda Khaghan, Dr. Alan Selkin, Dr. Neal A. Schamberg, and Dr. Felice R. Zwas.  All of our physicians are board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.




Progress Against Hepatitis C, a Sneaky Virus

Progress Against Hepatitis C, a Sneaky Virus

28 Feb, 14


Forty years ago, a beloved neighbor was bedridden for weeks at a time with a mysterious ailment. She knew only that it involved her liver and that she must never drink alcohol, which would make things worse.

It was decades before the cause of these debilitating flare-ups was discovered: a viral infection at first called non-A, non-B hepatitis, then properly identified in 1989 as hepatitis C. The apparent source of her infection was a blood transfusion she had received decades earlier.

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